Unit Ex002

Perform classification of hazardous areas


This Unit of Competence covers knowledge and skills to classify areas where explosive materials may exist. It requires the ability to gather and analyse data relative to explosion hazards, determine the extent of risk and establish and document zones (noting that the zoning of hazardous areas can be different depending on national regulations and rules).

Competence in this unit requires a degree, diploma or equivalent in a technical subject. The area classification should be carried out by those who understand the relevance and significance of properties of flammable materials and those who are familiar with the process and the equipment along with safety, electrical, mechanical and other qualified engineering personnel.

This unit of competence is based on IEC 60079-10-1 and IEC 60079-10-2 and any other relevant standard that apply to this Unit of Competence.

Assessment of training and competence:

Each applicant will be required to demonstrate their competence through theoretical tests relevant to the competence applied for:

A rigorous theoretical exam will take the form of both Selected Response and Constructed Response questions. The duration of a knowledge test shall be based on the following:

  • Selected Response Questions – 2 minutes per answer
  • Constructed Response Questions – 3 minutes per short answer, 5 minutes per extended answer and 3 minutes per calculation.

The assessment time is based on an average of 2 minutes for selected response questions and 4 minutes for constructed response question.

Response A
(100% correct)
Response B
(80% correct)
Response C
(80% correct)
Total number
of items
5.3 3 6   9 18 Mins
5.7 5 8 2 15 34 Mins
5.8 Practical Assessment 3 Hrs
  3 Hrs 52 Mins

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OD503 Fig 1B - The Pathway to obtaining an IECEx CoPC for units Ex 001 – Ex 010


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