Unit Ex000

Basic knowledge and awareness to enter a site that includes a classified hazardous area


This Unit of Knowledge covers the safety obligations and minimum basic knowledge of persons entering a site that has classified hazardous areas. It requires an understanding of the nature of hazardous areas, limitations on devices that may be taken into a hazardous area and the occupational health and safety responsibilities and procedures related to hazardous areas. This unit does not include requirements for ensuring the explosion protection aspects of plant and machinery.

Note: This unit covers the hazardous area aspects of occupational health and safety (OHS) and does not remove the other competencies required for general and functional OHS.

Assessment of training and competence:

Each applicant will be required to demonstrate their competence through a theoretical test.

The duration of a knowledge test shall be based on the following:

  • Selected Response Questions – 2 minutes per answer
Response A
(100% correct)
Response B
(80% correct)
Response C
(80% correct)
Total number
of items
5.1 3 6   9 18 Mins
5.2 3 6   9 18 Mins
  36 Mins

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OD503 Fig 1A - The Pathway to obtaining an IECEx Certificate of knowledge for Ex 000


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